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Friday, November 30, 2012

Image of the Day

Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Date of Birth: October 17 1972 (age 40)
Origin: Detroit
Stage Name: Eminem

Top 10 Countdown

Its another Friday and its that time of the week where i get to bring to you the top 10 tracks topping download and countdown charts worldwide. This list is created based on the number of downloads, likes, and Favorited tracks from my DL, and personal assessment. And note that there'll be at least one debut-ant every week.

1  .DIAMONDS - French Montana ft Rick Ross, J.Cole Download

2.  POETIC JUSTICE - Kendrick Lamar download

3. BANDS A MAKE HER DANCE - Juicy J ft Lil Wayne & 2chainz

4. MARBLE FLOORS - French Montana ft Rick Ross, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne download

5. CLIQUE - Rick Ross, Big Sean, GunPlay, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West download

6. FUCKIN PROBLEM - A.S.A.P. Rocky Ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar download

7. DECEMBER 31st - Ace Hood download

8. I AIN'T GOT NO TIME - Ice Berg ft Rick Ross Download

9. I ENDORSE THESE STRIPPERS - Nicki Minaj ft Tyga and Thomas Brinx download

10. MY LIFE - 50Cent ft Eminem, Adam Levine download

Up Movers

    DIAMONDS - 3RD - 1ST

Down Movers

    POETIC JUSTICE - 1st - 2nd

    BANDS A MAKE HER DANCE- 2nd - 3rd








TOP 5: Fabolous tracks, off the mixtape "Soul Tape 2"

This is the kind of countdown that makes you wanna change the idea behind it. I know this is the Top 5, but fabolous make me wanna change it to “hottest 10” maybe I’ll be able to put more deserving tracks on the list. Soul Tape 2 is gotta be the mix-tape of the year. If you haven’t gotten it, then download it below. You need some assurance you not wasting your data and time? Read the quick review below.

  • Diced pineapples, ft cassie and trey songz produced by cardiak

Now don’t get carried away by the title of the track, there’s more to it than just cutting fruits into cubes, let’s just say there’s a metaphor involved but I’ll leave you to figure that out. You know what they say; “you need to play the song like 10 – 15 times to really feel it”, not with this one. For me it was love at first sight.

PRODUCTION: Incredible production from cardiak, very simple but did its job. Couple of snares and soft piano and some hi-hats enough to make fab flow like an ocean

HOOK: The hook of the song was just addictive and I just couldn’t get enough of it

Fuck all night till things get right”. Don’t you just love cassie? 

LYRICS: And then the highlight of the song is the metaphorical bliss fabolous threw on the track, you just can’t get enough, and then of course trey songz went in real hard, did the unusual or maybe the “now usual” after couple of freestyles in recent weeks, and rhymed well to this one and pretty much killed it just like a regular rapper would.

Favorite Line - “club at my place, you wear what you wanna wear but you over-dressed if you wearing an underwear” 

                              - “She say trigger why I never seen you with a bad bitch, that’s just me and all these all       other bitch is average. I’m 100% real, all these bitches is plastic” 

  • Diamonds produced by [mally the martian & Hype]

If you feeling down and need a little motivation, finding Ben Carson is a little farfetched, just get your headphones and probably your I-pod and keep jamming this track. Trademark fabolous, excellent wordplay and again metaphorical bliss. And the Brooklyn rapper (35) showed his maturity dissing everybody with the YOLO slogan saying “you only live once but legacies live forever”. For me that was the highlight of the song. So who you gon go with? Drake or Fabolous ... that was what I thought.

PRODUCTION: Amazing production, what do you expect when two professionals come together to make a beat? Big BD sounds, some ring bell sound occasionally and great work on the piano just cut it for this one.

HOOK: one of the simplest hooks you’ll ever get, just 5 words, but did its job, can’t get it outta your head once heard

“Shine bright like a diamond” 

LYRICS: simply put the lyrics to this track is easy to define, it’s simply “fabulous”. Now I know why he’s tagged the king of word play

Favorite Line: “My story just gets better when you get to the end, so when I’m at my worst I know it’s not the end”. 

“Was thought to be a winner but I learnt more from my loses” 

“To say I always was truth, but that’ll be lying a little, you can’t spell believe without a lie in the middle” 

  • For the Love [produced by street runner]

If you a lyrical analyst and you want a challenge, this is the track for you. Mind twisting lyrics got so bad he himself had to ask us if we understood. “It’s all about that boy that call me pappy so amma keep making that paper #copy” you’ve gotta pay extra attention to savor this.

PRODUCTION: Beat sounds like what you listen to when you driving in a Lexus after your girl tells you you aint getting any “slow and bumping” in one word excellent, fits the title of the song.

HOOK: – “would you do it for the love”.

LYRICS: You don’t need a rap class to get the message from the song, basically telling rappers not to do it for the money but for the love. A little bit of bragging, a little bit of advice, a lot of awesome lines generally, the track is lyrically “fabolous”

Favorite line - Every single line (ok if I have to pick, check these out)

- “Make a couple mills don’t make it your last, don’t come if you ain’t ready don’t try to make it too fast, You can’t learn shit if you don’t make it to class, you can’t just recycle what should be placed in the trash” 

- “those that just follow green, they the first kind to go” 

- “I came from first of the month money, to waking up whenever I want money. I chase paper, I haunt money, and make 50 racks by 3pm call that lunch money”

Thursday, November 29, 2012

[NEW VIDEO] : Davido's 20th birthday party

All we've seen from the much talked about birthday party of Davido are pictures, but now we can get to see the clip of how it really happened, and how the young entertainer celebrated the end of his teenage years by giving out 500,000 Naira.


I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way - World Miss University Nigeria 2012

Queen Oluwatobi Phillips, a 20 years old 400 level marine science student of the University of Lagos, born to a family of three where she sits in the middle with an elder and a younger brother is the 6th and current World Miss University Nigeria. She will be representing Nigeria in the World Miss University holding from November 28th to 11th of December in Seoul Korea.

Miss Tobi Phillips or how exactly would you like to be addressed?

Queen Tobi Phillips 6th World Miss University Nigeria, United Nations Student Peace Ambassador to Nigeria.

4 years at university of Lagos, how has it being?

It's been cool so far

Just how well has going to the University influenced your modeling career?

In a Positive way

You participated in quite a number of pageants in the university, how did you combine them ​with your education? Or are you “Super Human”?

(chuckles).....I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way, though it wasn't easy but I still did find a way around it.

When did modeling start for you?


What’s the major challenge faced by students on campus?

There are many challenges students face on campuses, such as Poor Infrastructure, Cultism, Peer pressure, Poor academic Schedule (strike).....But at the WMUN contest, I chose to talk about Rape.

I remember encouraging a girl to go for “Miss Makama” and she was like me? Miss Makama? ​That’s not fresh. What motivated you?

Well-wishers did, and as a student of Unilag, Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH) was my proud hall of residence, so then, i took the "Miss MTH 2009" contest as a platform for better grooming. Not only that, I was also my Faculty and Departmental Queen, "Miss Sciences 2010"

Who do you look up to?

I look up to the Almighty God, the Greatest of all Kings.

You just won the WMUN, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel fulfilled, because I am now the Queen of all Nigerian Universities and I'm getting closer to my aspirations.

How are you dealing with your new social status?

Trying as much as I can

You've been in the system and you’ve witnessed strike caused by various reasons, what do you think should be done to improve the educational sector?

I feel, The Government and the Appropriate Authorities should create workshops on ways to improve our educational standard.

You’ve won a lot of pageants what would you say is your strong point?

God has been my main strong point, my confidence, which Dr Charles Onyema has been able to guide me on.

Since winning WMUN what has changed about Miss Tobi Phillips?

Basically, my exemplary character remains the same, but my social appearance and schedules has changed.

​What’s your definition of success?

Well, success to me is relative, but to be definitive, I’d say success is being able to move head up high, against all odds.

How do you intend on impacting the society as a beauty queen?

Preaching Global Peace and a Cleaner Environment through my pet project

​Have you regretted participating in any pageant and why?

I've Never for once did.

What’s next after WMUN?

Preparing for the international contest which would witness beauty and brains among universities queens all over the World. "25th World Miss University Contest, in South Korea this November"

Korea is known for its new gangnam style dance, have you learnt it?

(laughs)...... I've only been able to learn a few steps so far.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

May be Acting

What will you look back on during your undergraduate years and say “I wish I did that”?

Nothing really, because am still in school looking forward to my graduation ceremony.

What’s behind your smile?

God's grace

You’re a role model now what’s your advice for ladies with modeling aspirations?

Do what you can, while you can, as best as you can, because a time will come when you cannot. So, stay focused and be confident with high moral repute.

What’s your personal slogan?

God knows best!

                                               View more pictures of Queen Tobi Phillips  

Socialize with Queen Tobi Phillips
              Follow on twitter:  @tharkerite
              Facebook:           Oluwatobiloba Tobium Phillips
              Instagram:           Tobi Phillips


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEW MUSIC: French Montana ft Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz- Marble Floors

French Montana keeps dropping hit after hit, after the huge success of  "pop that" and "Diamonds", he drops another hit "Marble Floors". However, he might be having the time of his life, but some have criticize him for being a whack Emcee, notably 50cent, often tweeting at the "pop that" crooner and labelled him a "chick". well we can't argue more especially after the fact that he rarely sings alone and always feature either 2chainz, Rick Ross, or Lil Wayne. Whatever it is, the rapper who just released his mix-tape "Mac and Cheese3" is enjoying the attention and has no time for haters.


NEW MUSIC: Big Boy ft T.I and Ludacris - In The A

The former Outcast member, Big Boi shows that even if he has left his partner Andre 3000, he can still kick it real hard. He collaborates with his south side rappers, Ludacris and T.I  and they title this one "In the A" of course we know what "A" stands for. you dont? ok it's "Atlanta". Its a crank beat and well we just might be having another anthem for Georgia, who knows. The track will be featured in his upcoming album titled "Vicious lies and Dangerous rumors"


[VIDEO]: Lil Wayne, Diddy, Kanye West, Kirko Bangs, French Montana present as DjKhaled celebrate his birthday.

It was a night of ecstasy in miami LIV night club last Sunday when the games finest Dj, DjKhaled celebrated his birthday in grand style. the star studded event was graced by top guns in the industry from Lil Wayne to Kanye West, Diddy, French Montana, Fat Joe, singer Jeremih, Kirko Bangs and the list goes on.
   There were several performances from A list artist with that from Kanye performing "Jesus Walks", "I wish you would", "Can't tell me nothing" and Lil Wayne performing his new track "No Worries" being the highlight of the night.


Watch and download video below

NEW MUSIC: Nicki Minaj ft Tyga, Thomos Brinx - I Endorse These Bitches

Nicki, Young Money first lady, drops this one and no matter how much you wanna hate her for her personality, you've gotta love this one it features fellow young money rapper Tyga, and trust me when i tell you they killed it.


Rihanna - Nude GQ "Man of the year" [pictures]

                                                                      1    2   3   4   5   6

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Chris Brown deletes twitter account

Breezy looks like he just can’t stay away from all the controversies, days after puffing some blunt during a stage performance, an act many entertainment practitioners have criticize, deletes his twitter account after a heated war of words between him and comedienne Jenny Johnson. Ok truth be told this was instigated by Jenny who looked pissed by the two (Rihanna and Chris) getting back together. The frenzy started when Chris Browns tweet “I’m only 23 and I look as old as fuck”. This is supposed to be a funny tweet to breezy and his followers, but looks like jenny Johnson probably just had a fight with a witch, as she retweeted saying “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can age a person”. 

Now that to me is one very annoying thing to hear and that statement going to a man who has anger management issues just didn’t cut it. And if you think Chris brown is just gonna man that and act like he didn’t see it, then you mistaking. Chris just finished his domestic violence classes seems like he has learnt a thing or two, instead of aggravating issues decided to delete his account. What really got Breezy pissed must have being the fact that he repeatedly made spelling errors while tweeting, which provided jenny more “punch-lines” which hit below the belt. After back and forth “tweet lashing”, breezy was the one who got hurt first, and took a drastic decision of deleting his twitter account. 
But you know what they say, “God Bless the internet”. The internet is no place where you can just retract what you put in, once you hit the send button there’s no going back. The battle of words between both parties went viral with Jenny’s retweet of Chris Brown getting over 4000 retweets. Anyways If Mr. controversy “Kanye West” can reactivate his twitter account after a long spell of absence, then who is Chris Brown? We are waiting for you breezy.

see more tweets

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Rihanna post controversial picture on instagram, depicts Illuminati
Off the Streets: Rick Ross stolen identity
Drake loses Grand Mm on thanksgiving day
LilWayne set to retire after Last Album: "Tha Carter V"

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VIDEO: L.O.S - Bad Guy P

The Storm records Boyz turn Men hit our TV screen with what has been tagged the most anticipated video of the year in Nigeria Globe and trust me when i say this we are far from disappointed. The video can be labelled a mini movie as it involves a play act of LOS, activating their bad guy P mode trying to steal a priceless relic. The crispy clear video was shot in Lagos and who else would be behind the camera if not Nigeria's finest music video director Clarence Peters, who have shown over time that going out of the country to shoot a music video is not worth it. OK too much talk, activate your bad guy P and watch this Video.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Next Rated: Skyz

The Nigerian rap scene has been marred by swagless rappers with weak punch-lines, drab instrumentals and sounds that lack distinctiveness so bad that 10 songs can actually sound like 1 Long Song. It is no longer news that we need a difference. However, since the so called “A” list artiste has refused to up their game, some upcoming acts still keep it real. 
Allow me introduce to you the next rated kid off the block “Skyz”. Born Anthony Olawale Kudayah a 17yrs old talented rapper, who has been on the radar for quite some time now. Having won the ‘ONE MIC NAIJA” competition, he has taken it upon himself to drop some dope bars and spit some rhyme as he released a single “pots and pans’download here a song with the blend of creatively written lines and a little comedy. 

His latest effort is “Mary Jane” download here on which he featured unilag OAP Larryforeman shows that skyz might be young, but he is no rookie. A soft rap song with a creative intro and done on drake’s Marvin’s room beat and if you ask me I’ll say he killed it beyond every reasonable doubt. Overtime, Skyz has shown that he is meant for the top, with his effortless flows and wordplay. This track is a must listen for everyone regardless of your preference of genre.
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Chris Brown Smokes Joint on Stage.

Chris Brown is on tour in carpe diem and the singer who has shown that he has a thing for rap after appearing in couple of freestyles, that with Tyga particularly gaining some immense popularity, rapping on his own track “look at me now” and even appearing on BET cypher. It’s no longer news that Chris Brown fancies rappers lifestyle. However he stepped up his love and not only incorporating in music, but also their lifestyle. The “don’t wake me up” singer in a stop in Oslo, Norway smoked blunt on stage while performing, and like always the fans bawled and applauded the act.

 watch video below

But the question is why would Chris Brown smoke blunt on stage? After only testing positive to marijuana in September while still on probation. He’s a singer for crying out loud, was he trying to kill the dissapointment he felt when groups of women chanted and protested against him performing in Guyana last week leading to him cancelling the concert? or maybe he’s trying to prove tough to Toronto rapper Drake after engaging in a brawl over Rihana,you know what the Jamaicans say, smoke "pass me the puff make me afi smoke some ganja man" lol, whatever it is breezy thinks he needs to show the world how to puff a joint. If “Wiz Khalifa did that, we’ll not be surprised. However breezy needs to watch his back as Snoop Dogg, Amy Whinehouse have smoked blunt on stage in Norway and got arrested for their act.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rihana Posts Controversial Picture on Instagram: Depicts Illuminati

          Ok imma cut the crap and go straight to the point. Today at about 6pm Nigerian time. Rihana famously known among her passionate fans as Rhi Rhi uploaded a photo on instagram and also tweeted it to over 20million twitter followers. Curious as ever everyone opened the link expecting to see some naked shot that she’s been despicably known for. But she disappointed a whole lot of horny guys looking forward to seeing a replica of her GQ magazine pose. But disappointingly, it was a religious message with an obvious caption saying. 
                                                      “Submit yourself to God"
ok that coming from the lips of Bishop Oyedepo, I would have taken it as great inspiration to be a better person, but coming from Rihana? I just could not fathom or bring myself to believe that Rihana who has a renowned reputation of being a profound member of the Illuminati fraternity actually did post that image. Curious as ever, I looked carefully and paid immense attention to everything and unsurprisingly here is what I found. Now you have to open your mind and forget that you a die-hard fan to actually pay attention and believe this. 
         Just before the image, Rihana writes #dn and when she twitted it she also used the same harsh tag #dn. And I wondered just like I believe every thinking mind would, what the heck is #dn? And why did she use it in this context. After careful thinking here is what I found. 
#dn actually means “Do Not” 
        Now let’s go back to the image. The first statement says “submit yourself to God”. Apparently Rihana is sending a message saying “do not” submit yourself to God. And then there’s an underlined phrase saying “Do whatever he tells you”. From this ideologue that means “do not do whatever he tells you” 
       Ok I know they say I over analyze and that explains the slogan of this blog “deeper than words” but believe me this is strange, but a truthful explanation to this awkward image shared by Rihana. I’m in no position to tell you to or not to support any celebrity, but I can only advice that you be on the lookout. The slogan of the entertainment industry today should really be “deeper than words” 

Please drop your comment, let’s know what you think.

Off The Streets: Rick Ross - Stolen Identity?

William Leonard Roberts II popularly known as Rick Ross was born in Coachman County, Mississippi, and raised in Carol City, Florida, near Miami. After graduating from Carol City Senior High School, he later attended the historically black college Albany State University on a football scholarship. He derived his stage name from the drug trafficker "Freeway Rick Ross”, to whom he has no connection. He however was sued for copyright infringement Freeway asking for $10million in lawsuit. Then Def Jam C.E.O Jay Z had to testify in court "no wonder his twitter handle is "@RickyRozay". and no @RickRoss
      Ever wondered why Rick Ross started to grow beards or why he went into surgery for stomach reduction? or his energetic stage performance? if you don't know, here it is "HE'S TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT" well there's only one reason, he's trying to be like his mentor "Freeway Ricky Ross". Rick Ross has repeatedly bragged in his song about him selling dope and coke, which is the same occupation as his mentor who is a renowned drug kingpin.

         Ross worked as a correctional officer for 18 months at the South Florida Reception Center, hmmm! I smell a broke ass well after pictures of Rick Ross in his correctional officer uniform surfaced and the boss himself ashamed of his past life denied and claimed the picture wasn't him, but after overwhelming evidence emerged Rick Ross did admit he had a spell as a correctional officer in the 90’s. 
        On October 14, 2011 Rick Ross suffered two seizures in the same day, once in the morning and once again early evening. Following the morning seizure, he was unconscious and CPR was being performed. The rapper who has 5 solo Albums and 4mixtapes to his name with "God Forgives and I Don't" being his latest studio album, had been admitted to the emergency room following his seizures, he however came out and released a video telling his fans he was OK.

         But you know what they say, “everybody has a past” and of course Rick Ross is not exempted. He has so far done well for himself and put all the negatives behind him he now has a net worth of $25million, and has acquired some really nice cars after being endorsed by a number of them, Maybach, Aston-Martin, Bugatti among others. Here are images of some Rick Ross’s cars. 

       They say he has too much tattoos, he has big stomach , he needs to start wearing bra, bla bla bla bla…………….well the MMG C.E.O has only one response “We talking money you talking nonsense”. A fisker karma, and custom bikes, Lamborghini murcielago, Rolls Royce phantom drop head coupe, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes Benz S-Class, and CLS ain’t no joke.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Image Of the Day:

Name: Aubrey Drake Graham
Date of Birth: October 24, 1986 (age 26)
Origin: Canada
Stage Name: Drake

Lil Wayne set for retirement after Last Album: "Tha Carter V"

            Young money rapper Lil Wayne has stated that “Tha Carter V” will be his last solo effort. After spending 19 years in the game, the rapper recently revealed to MTV that he’s still gonna release his “I Am Not a Human Being II” due for release on February 19 2013. After just premiering his latest video on Wednesday, “No Worries” wizzy as he’s fondly called said he decided to quit cause he started rapping since age 8 and he’s now 30 and got bored of it all.
            Well, that’s Lil Wayne’s part of the story, to me I’d say “WAYNE IS OUT” I mean “OUT”. Have you heard Dedication IV his last effort? If you haven’t, please do me the honor, Lil Wayne could not finish a statement without saying either “ f**k, Pu**y, Dick, Suck, Cock, Head and worth nots, I think he should make history for the most un-radio friendly album of all time. He uses foul words faster than a porn star could say “Oh Yeah!” or whatever their best exclamation is.
            Jay Z announced his retirement in 2003 and brother “CAME back faster than your girl would on him” some even described it as a publicity stunt, now the question is are we heading in the same direction with wayne? even stronger Lil Tunechi has released 9 LP’s in his career and all went platinum, but unlike Jay Z has stated that “when I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only and music sometimes is not that IT”. So what could the “IT” be? His newly found love of skating, Or his TrukFit clothing line.
              Its looking more in the skating direction for Lil Tunechi as he announced that he would like to be a sport analyst and he said and I quote “I can skate all night, but I can’t be in the studio all night”

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. has had an illustrious career, with a poll on MTV naming him best rapper alive in 2008, I think it’ll only be right to toss our hat for one of the greatest of all time.

Show some respect for Lil Wayne and drop your Favorite Line of his in the comment section below.

Drake Loses Grand Mom On Thanksgiving Day

Toronto rapper Drake on Thursday night when everyone seem to be having a good time at thanks giving dinner, probably having some turkey was mourning after the announced death of his grand mom Sher Evelyn at a nursing home. Some might say, losing his grand mom should not be making the news, well if you belong to that school of thought, I think you need to think again. Drake one of the games most emotional rapper is strongly tied to his grand mom, and I’m like who wouldn't? she is described as a woman having a beautiful soul and an heart of an angel. 
                Drake who returns the favor with his strong affection for her, and even went as far as cancelling his rap tour, when an average rapper would have just said “I’ll see her when I get back” has however on several occasion rapped about her, latest of which was his track “Look what you've done” off his Take Care Album, where he narrated some incidents with his grand mom from when he had nothing all the way to stardom. The highlight of the track was drake putting her on the outro of the track. And Drake’s Grand mom had this to say 

 “ I’m here sitting with my son Audrey, having a little talk and he knows how to get in

Friday, November 23, 2012

Image Of The Day: Fabolous

DATE OF BIRTH: November 18, 1977 (age 35)
ORIGIN: Brooklyn
STAGE NAME: Fabolous


It's a girl’s world" is a sexy, cute, beautiful and classy BlackBerry theme created majorly for a girl. It contains clothing, accessories, barbies, customized focus icons and blends from the finest of purple and pink. It’s a theme designed by Austin Thomas alias woods, a student of university of portharcourt (UNIPORT), C.E.O of two companies “WOODS INC” and “WONDERLAND 3D”. He has stated that the theme “it’s a girl’s world” is only one of several innovations he has come up with. You might want to remember the name and the face, because “woods” has more plans for the technological world. GET THEME FOR BLACKBERRY

Top 10 Countdown

Its another Friday and its that time of the week where i get to bring to you the top 10 tracks topping download and countdown charts worldwide. This list is created based on the number of downloads, likes, and Favorited tracks from my DL, billboard top 5 and a bit of personal assessment. And note that there'll be at least one debut-ant every week.

1. POETIC JUSTICE - Kendrick Lamar download

2. BANDS A MAKE HER DANCE - Juicy J ft Lil Wayne & 2chainz

3. DIAMONDS - French Montana ft Rick Ross, J.Cole Download

4. POP THAT - French Montana ft Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne

5. CLIQUE - Rick Ross, Big Sean, GunPlay, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West download

6. FUCKIN PROBLEM - A.S.A.P. Rocky Ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar download

7. DECEMBER 31st - Ace Hood download

8. I AIN'T GOT NO TIME - Ice Berg ft Rick Ross Download

9. SWIMMING POOL - Kendrick Lamar download

10. CHECK ME OUT - Trey Songz ft Meek Mill & Diddy download

Up Movers

    POETIC JUSTICE - 8th - 1st

    FUCKIN PROBLEM - 9th - 6th

Down Movers

    POP THAT - 3rd - 4th

    SWIMMING POOL - 4th - 9th

    CHECK ME OUT - 5th - 10th




    DECEMBER 31st


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Image of the Day

Name: Aubrey Drake Graham
Date of Birth: October 24, 1986 (age 26)
Origin: Canada
Stage Name: Drake

2Chainz, Lebron James, Will.i.am, Lil wayne make new Beat by Dre commercial:" All eyez on us"


2Chainz named The Source Cover "Man Of The Year"

2 Chainz had a breakout year in 2012, emerging as one of the most in-demand rappers in the game and releasing his highly-anticipated solo debut, Based on a T.R.U Story. The Def Jam star and G.O.O.D Music affiliate only yesterday appeared in commercials for both "Beat by Dre" and "Adidas". As if that was not enough success in one day the rap star was named the source cover man of the year, snatching the crown from MMG boss Rick Ross who has been the source cover Man of the Year in both previous editions. This climaxes and acknowledges a productive year for the rap star "2chainz" who just celebrated the birth of his second daughter. In the upcoming issue of the 3rd annual The Source magazine which will be hitting stands by December 4th, The Artist Formerly Known as Tity Boi speaks out about his rare reinvention as a bonafide rap star. “It wasn’t like my name made me rap better. I worked my a-- off," he says. "It felt good to outdo myself and just be omnipresent and be a part of everything.”

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Ice Prince with "More"

Chocolate city rapper Ice Prince drops new music video to his song "More" produced by Chopstix of the Grip Boiz city, the video shot in London was directed by Mr. MOE MUSA


New Music: Ice Berg ft Rick Ross - I ain't got no time

Newly signed MMG (Maybach Music Group) star Ice Berg who released his single weeks ago "i ain't got no time" have now featured the Boss himself Rick "Rozay" Ross on the latest version of the hit single. This one is for the ladies fronting, telling them he ain't got time to waste  on a fronting lady and its "on to the next one" download single here.

Image of The Day

Name:  Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Date of Birth: October 17 1972 (age 40)
Origin: Detroit
Stage Name: Eminem

J Cole releases new track off his next album "Born Siner"

Germany born American rapper Jermaine Lamar cole popularly known as J. Cole earlier this week released a new track "Miss America" download here which will be featuring on his next album titled "Born Sinner" a follow up to his 2011 debut Cole World. The album is due for released on his birthday, January 28 2013. Well we can only hope Born Sinner sounds more "COLEish" unlike his last effort "Cole world" which sounded like he did more of what his label wanted him to. Details on the album remains on the low but we can only hope that he'll feature his Namesake Kendrick to add some bite to it.

Paris Hilton features Lil Wayne on new track "Last Night"

Socialite, Business woman, Fashion designer, Singer the list goes on.........Paris Hilton has released a new single after her long absence on the music scene. Her last effort was her 2006 self titled album. In an interview with Lil Wayne last year the singer declared her interest in collaborating with Lil Wayne on a song and tagging him her ideal studio "bed" partner. The track titled "Last Night (I wanna Bang You) " is more like a techno track with Lil Wayne spitting a rap verse sounding like there's more to this than just a collaboration, sensing some romance in the air? well i don"t think you are far off judging from a line in the song that says "Last night i had fun with her/ i gat 99 problems not 1 with her" download here

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The release of Acehood’s Album Starvation2 is only about a month away and acehood has decided to wet our appetite with a new track “December 31st" which is the date his album drops. The track starts with an intro by DjKhaled (CEO of we the best music group), bragging about how 90% of rappers steal flows from Acehood and ends with an Obama speech.
watch video here.....................

Monday, November 19, 2012


Eminem and Jay –Z one of the greatest lyricist of their generation, king of Detroit and New york respectively as they like to be tagged are either big snitches or very smart rappers. why? Here’s why
In 2010, Eminem released a track “syllables” featuring great rappers like Jay Z, Dr. Dre and 50Cent. Now this track talked about how rappers in the rap industry pay more attention to their chorus and beat rather than the content of their lyrics. The chorus of the lyrics says
                      “It’s not about lyrics anymore; it’s about a hot beat and a catchy hook” 
This track in particular excused rappers who have put out lyrically dead tracks and paved way for new ones. Eminem who has 13 grammys to his name and Jay Z with 14 are rap veterans and have gotten to that point in the industry where if they tell you not to pay attention to lyrics then you better believe them. But now here’s the thing……..the same year this track was released was the same year Eminem released one of the most lyrically equipped track of the year “I’m not Afraid” off the album RECOVERY. Not Afraid went on to sell 380,000 digital copies in its first week of release ( highest in 2010) and debuted at number 1 on the billboard’s hot 100, Not Afraid also went on to top billboard’s 200 for 5 consecutive weeks. At the preceeding grammys, both rappers went on to win all 5 rap categories. Eminem 2 for “Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Solo Performance” for Not afraid, and Jay-Z also released “empire state of mind” also clinching 3 grammys.
What am I getting at? You come out and encourage the world not to pay attention to lyrics and you the advisor go out and release the most lyrically equipped album of the year. Is that being smart or he’s just being a snitch? Ok I see some big Eminem fans saying f**k the bullshit, that’s just a coincidence. Well sorry to disappoint you this looks well timed, the track (syllables) was originally recorded in 2007 but was never released until the year he releases his album.
In summary, Eminem is not just the greatest emcee of his generation, we can also learn some lessons and tricks from his actions
        “you want something, tell every other person interested in it how worthless it is”
 so they can back off while you get a free ride.


Jesus Piece Album Art
Game anounced on twitter that he'll be dropping singles every sunday for the fans to hold on to before he releases his album "Jesus Piece". he tagged the singles as #SundayService On October 28, he released the highly anticipated remix to Celebration featuring Bone Thugz-N-Harmony. On November 4, Game released a leftover track from the album, entitled "Holy Water".On November 11, Game released a track titled, "I Remember" featuring Young Jeezy and Future. The song was released directly as a video and was leaked onto Tyga's mixtape, and now he releases another masterpiece, "Black Jesus"download here produced by SAP will not be in his forth coming album, “Jesus Piece” which will be his 5th studio album. However there are some controversies in the album art and lyrics, as he seems to be depicting himself as the young black Jesus on the "black Jesus" track. Some see this track as blasphemy and others as a reason to draw near to Jesus. The Game came out to clear the air and defended the album name saying it had no spiritual meaning. In an interview, game said the concept of "Jesus Piece” does not have a spiritual theme, but it would have a "Gangstar" theme of enjoying life while also having faith in God. he also stated the album which is his 5th studio album expected to hit stores by december 11 will be his best ever album and the best album of the year.
          Below is the confirmed track list of the album 

          1. "Scared Now"  (featuring Meek Mill)
          2. "Ali Bomaye"  (featuring 2 Chainz & Rick Ross)
          3. "Jesus Piece"  (featuring Kanye West & Common)
          4. "Pray"  (featuring J. Cole & JMSN)
          5. "Church"  (featuring King Chip & Trey Songz)
          6. "All That (Lady)"  (featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih)
          7. "Name Me King"  (featuring Pusha T)
          8. "See No Evil"  (featuring Kendrick Lamar & Tank)
          9. "Can’t Get Right"  (featuring K. Roosevelt)
         10. "Heaven’s Arms"
         11. "Hallelujah"  (featuring Jamie Foxx)
         12. "Freedom"  (featuring Elijah Blake)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


It was a night of glamour on the 17th of November 2012 in soweto as Nigerian acts yesterday dominated the winners list at the 9th Annual Channel O Music Awards held at soweto, raking in 7 Awards out of a possible 12 categories nominated.
D banj was the nights biggest winner, taking home two awards in the most fiercely contested categories "most gifted music video of the year" and "most gifted male music video of the year".
Pop duo Psquare won the ‘Most Gifted Group/Duo’ award for their collaboration with May D on the hit single ‘Chop my money,’ while collaboration from singer Flavour and Tiwa Savage on ‘Oyi’ remix won the ‘Most Gifted R&B Music Video of the year’ award. Chocolate City had their hands full as representatives Brymo won the ‘Most Gifted Pop’ for his hit song ‘Ara‘ and the award show’s co-host Ice Prince, won the award for ‘Most Gifted Hip Hop Video of the Year.
Nigerian teenage sensation Davido also did Nigeria proud as he walked away with the ‘Most Gifted New Comer of the Year’ award, beating Kenya’s Camp Mulla and Ghana’s E.L, among others.
However, the night was disappointing for EME's star WizKid after failing to pick up an award, after enjoying the most successful year of his music career.
here is the full winners list (winners in bold and underlined) ..............

Most gifted south video of the year:
Cashtime Fam – Shut It down (Stundee)
HHP – Bosso
Shota Feat. Shana – Taking You Home
Zeus – Dancing Shoes
Paul G Feat. Maezee – The Feeling
Shugasmaxx Feat. Moneoa – Take It Easy

Most gifted hip-hop video of the year:
Khuli Chana Feat. Notshi – Tswa Daar
L-Tido – Smash
Ice Prince – Superstar
M.Anifest – Makaa Maka
K’NAAN Feat. Nas – Nothing To Lose

Most gifted West African video of the year:
D-Black Feat. Mo’Cheddah – Falling
Wizkid – Pakurumo
Sarkodie Feat. Obrafour – Saa Okodie No
Naeto C – I gentle
Wande Coal – Private trips

Most Gifted R&B music video of the Year:
Lloyd Cele – Hero
Lizha James Feat. Perola – Leva Boy
Flavour Feat. Tiwa Savage – Oyi
2Face Idibia – Be there
Habida Feat. Cannibal – My Reason

Most Gifted East African video of the Year:
Keko Feat. Madtraxx – Make You Dance
Camp Mulla – Party Don’t Stop
AY feat Sauti Soul – I Don’t Want To Be Alone
K’Naan Feat. Nas – Nothing To lose
Navio – One & Only

Most Gifted Dance video of the Year:
DJ Zinhle Feat. Busiswa – My Name Is
DJ Cleo – Facebook
OS3 Feat. Tchoboly – Mokongo
Davido – Dami Duro
Bucie – Get Over It
Cpwaa – Hnmm

Most Gifted Newcomer video of the Year:
Toya Delazy – Pump It On
Davido – Dami Duro
E.L. – Turn The Lights Down
Camp Mulla – Party Don’t Stop
Donald – I Deserve

Most Gifted Afro Pop video of the Year:
Jozi – Ugologo
DJ Sbu Feat. Zahara – Lengoma
Gal Level feat Toniks – Money
Brymo – Ara
Maurice Kirya – I Don’t Want To Fight

Most Gifted Reggae video of the Year:
HHP Feat. Lutan Fyah, Omar Retnu – Baheitane Remix
Buffalo Souljah Feat. Cabo Snoop – Styra Inonyengesa
Ice Prince – Juju
Orezi – Booty Bounce
Wyre – Dancehall party

Most Gifted Kwaito video of the Year:
Kabelo Feat. Professor – Amapantsula’Ajabulile
Spikiri Feat. Brown Dash, Teargas, Skhoko, Bricks & Madluphuthu - Ngeke Balunge
Big Nuz – Serious
Ees Feat. Mandoza – Ayoba
The Dogg Feat. Bricks – Tromentos

Most Gifted Video of the Year:
Dj Zinhle Feat. Busiswa – My Name Is
Khuli Chana Feat. Notshi – Tswa daar
Toya Delazy – Pump It On
Lizha James Feat. Perola – Leva Boy
Big Nelo – Sente o beat
D’banj – Oliver Twist
Brymo – Ara
Sarkodie Feat. Obrafour – Saa Okodie No
Camp Mulla – Fresh all day
AY Feat. Romeo & Lamyia – Speak With Your Body

Most Gifted Female Video of the Year:
Zahara – Loliwe
Lizha James Feat. Perola – Leva Boy
Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
Mo’Cheddah Feat. Phenom – See Me
Keko Feat. Madtraxx – Make You Dance

Most Gifted Male Video of the Year:
Khuli Chana Feat. Notshi – Tswa Daar
PRO – Makasana
Big Nelo – Sent
D’banj – Oliver Twist
AY Feat. Romeo & Lamyia – Speak With Your Body

Most Gifted Group/Duo:
Mi Casa – Heavenly Sent
Liquideep – Still
Camp Mulla – Fresh All Day
Buffalo Souljah Feat. Cabo Snoop – Styra Inonyengesa
P-square Feat. Akon & May D – Chop My Money

2012 special Recognition Award


Friday, November 16, 2012


Philadelphia half way between New York city and Washington D.C has produced great emcees in the past and over the past decade, we can say Cassidy has been doing a good job holding it down, but apparently Philly’s very own Meek Mill who seems to be enjoying the lime light at the moment after the release of his Album “dreams and Nightmares” doesn’t think that. Earlier today, Meek Mill and Cassidy went to a war of words on the social network twitter, with both parties claiming to be the king of Philadelphia. My opinion? Ok no disrespect to my nigga meek, but Cassidy in a rap battle seems to me like suicide, brother was born for that shit. Here are the tweets from cass and milly.

In a freestyle for tonytouch a while ago, cassidy said “If you try to battle me that will be a bad move, cause you aint never seen cass lose, the last dude who tried to battle cass gat his ass chewed, I ate that nigga like fast food”. Now if those words are anything to go by, milly bouta get his ass whooped.
Cassidy however wasted no time releasing a dis track titled “diary of a hustla” download here


Today’s quote comes from this poetic genius and arguably the best rapper of all time “Tupac Shakur”, this one is off the interlude for the 1993 Something To Die for album where he said and I quote
                "you know what my momma used to tell me? if you cant 
                                   find  something to live for, then you best
                                                    find something to die for"


The 9th Annual Channel O Music Video awards slated to hold tomorrow17th November at Walter sisulu square in kliptown, Soweto will be hosted by Nigerian “superstar” rapper Panshak ice-prince zamarni, and southafrica’s girl Bonang Matheba.
The ever gorgeous and Multi-talented glamour woman of the year 2012, Bonang Matheba owner of Bonang Matheba entertainment, newly named host of clash of the choirs South Africa is due to cohost the channel O music video awards come November 17. The radio personality due to launch her fragrance line, just B* by Bonang however acknowledged the challenge and says, and I quote “Hosting an awards ceremony of this magnitude is a first for me and a great honor”.
Co-host of the memorable award night is Nigerian born rap sensation panshak “iceprince” zamani. Ice prince as he is popularly known is responsible for creating major hits in the music industry including his Oleku track featuring Brymo, superstar and just released single Aboki. Ice prince not shy of the channel O music video awards, after receiving the MOST GIFTED NEWCOMER VIDEO at the 8th Annual Channel O music video awards last year, got nominated in 2 categories for the 2012 edition of the awards, the “Most Gifted Hip Hop Video” and “Most Gifted Ragga Dancehall Video”.  Reacting to him hosting the awards, ice prince said and I quote “I feel really honored and super excited; I think I am more excited than anyone who has ever hosted/co-hosted the show because it’s a huge privilege to be hosting the biggest award show in Africa”.


Dr. Dre took the top spot for the 2012’s Forbes magazine’s HIP-HOP cash kings, Dre ranked first in earnings, grossing a total of $110 million through his lucrative sale of his Beats by Dre headphones to handset maker HTC which paid $300 million for a 51 percent stake in the company last year. Far off at the second spot on the list was Diddy, as the Bad Boy Entertainment CEO earned $45 million mostly due to profits from diageo’s Ciroc vodka. At no 3, was Jay Z who raked in $38 million dollars through his sponsorship deals including Duracell and Budweiser and investment in the Brooklyn Nets.
1.                   Dr. Dre  ̶― $110 million
2.                   Diddy    ̶― $45 million
3.                   Jay-Z     ̶― $38 million
4.                   Kanye West   ̶― $35 million
5.                   Lil Wayne   ̶― $27 million
6.                   Drake   ̶―20.5 million
7.                   Bryan Williams “birdman”  ̶―$20 million
8.                   Nicki Minaj   ̶―$15.5 million
9.                   Eminem   ̶―$15 million
10.               Ludacris   ̶― $12 million
11.               Pitbull   ̶―$9.5 million
12.               Rick Ross   ̶― $9 million [tie]
12.         Wiz Khalifa   ̶― $9 million [tie]
14.          Snoop Lion   ̶― $8.5 million
15.          50 Cent   ̶― $7.5 million
16.          Swizz Beats   ̶―$7 million [tie]
16.          Pharrel Williams   ̶―$7 million [tie]
16.          Young Jeezy   ̶― $7 million [tie]
19           Mac Miller   ̶― $6.5 million
20.          Akon   ̶― $6 million [tie]
20.          Timberland   ̶― $6 million [tie]
20.          Tech N9ne   ̶― $6 million [tie]